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Video game survay !!!!!!!!!

2009-03-09 15:36:57 by windsordude9

Are you pissed that nintendo has stoped making gamecube games? 'cause i shure damnwell am!

- Debate will end on march 15. - No crap comments 'cause they will be deleted! ^_^

Video game survay !!!!!!!!!


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2009-03-09 15:42:27


windsordude9 responds:

counted as no.


2009-03-09 15:57:12

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windsordude9 responds:

Give me your vid. camara and i'll record You doing it and post it on youtube and tag it with every word known. so: FUCK OFF BASTERD. ):< Rot in hell. (:< ( I would really just ban you and delete this, but i want everone to see this reply. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Shit, i fucked up when i said i was pissed.) COUNTED as a: HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2009-03-09 16:18:50

they did?!?!?!? nooooooo!

windsordude9 responds:

yep. BUT there is still hope, you can buy them at eb games, grage sales , web and..... well thats it. I KNOW FUCK THEM FOR THAT SHITTY THING. COUNTED as "why aren't they making games? WhahhhhhhH! " THAT MEANS IN OTHER TERMS Y-E-S.


2009-03-09 16:22:33

ok...............i dont own a gamecube so i dont damnwell care and paryl that was the most disgusting and psycopathc thing i ever heard...............O-o

windsordude9 responds:

I DIDNT SAY YA HAD TO OWN ONE!!!!! YA JUST HAD TO PLAY ONE, duh!!!! Thanks 4 being nice. no gamecube no count.


2009-03-09 16:35:23

dude gamecube is 5 years old and it's the worst conslole of the precious generation, why would anyone bother to make any games for it?

windsordude9 responds:

FUCK YOU. or you dont have 57 GAMES LIKE ME!!! You must have the boring ones. buy the players coices.