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symbol meaninng post :)

2008-11-18 23:12:02 by windsordude9

These are what these symbols/shortforms mean:
:) - happy, (sideways) it can also look like this: :) , but mostley this: (Damn, i got to stop with the "this"),:).
IDK- I dont know. (i know what it means,) it achoulay (fuck gto work on my spelling.) mean i dont know, its like i--- forget it, you know, (what th' fuck im talking about.)
): -sad.
)_: - very sad. (you dont see this often.)
:-L - IDK what th' fuck this means.
:P - sticking you toung out. (IDT, (i dont think,) this is an---what the fuck ever.
IDT,(like i just said,) - i dont think so.( ya' dont include the E.)
WTF (evreybody knows what that means,) - what......the......fuck.....?????.
Porn- im such an ahole.
S.W.A.T. - no clue. (tell me if you know.)
ahole - short form for "you know what."
BTF- no clue.(who the 'ell made this up?)
>:< -mad as hell.
NFC - no fuckin' clue. (i made that up, LOL, oh and i almost forgot to tell what L-O-L means.
LOL - laulf out loud. (like ive said, im not a good speller.)
GTG -got to go.

symbol meaninng post :)


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2009-02-19 21:14:20

swat stands for: special weapons and tactics m8

windsordude9 responds:

Ohhhh, that's what S.W.A.T. stands for.