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Heres why im not making games:

2008-11-08 20:35:56 by windsordude9

(damn this is small letters,) Because i have school, so i cant most of the time go on my compter and i most of the thime (fuck, sorry) i mean time i have 2 do homework, and i cant (FOR SOME FUCKING REASON,) i cant damnwell find a FREE flash player, if you know one tell me and the link, (it must be free,) and how the hell can i make damn games without a flashplayer. If theres none that are free, ill wait 'till im 30 or somthing. email me or post it (it be better if you do both,) and dont fuckin' post a useless comment.

and im nine just 2 let you know.


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2009-03-19 16:44:23

Uh, dude, get in touch with she'll get you an invite to a torrent download site where you can get Adobe CS4 Master Collection totally free and it'll have a Key Generator so you can have UNLIMITED access to the entire pack.

I really do think you mean you're looking for FLASH the program, you must have FLASH player version 10.0 or later to view anything on NG from the portal. Or you can go here for a 30-day trial download for a FLASH program:


2009-03-19 16:45:22 /

damn NG and not letting me edit my comments on others new posts. >_>


2009-08-26 04:06:54

Cobra, you are a fucking idiot.