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These are the things you should know about me;

2008-10-21 20:00:32 by windsordude9

Dear veiwers, you should know these things about me;

-one, im not a good speller.(well duh, i`m 9. It doesnt say that because they may not let me play games that are rated teen or somthin' like that.)

-second; im very smart. oh and a..... dont post a comenet like "no your not fuckin' smart." Then how the
hell could I get my acount? and dont say you dont have too be damnwell smart too have an acount.

-Thrid; I know evary damnwell bad word. Dont say any thing about that im 9 and i should not say any bad words. Heres every bad word i know; n****r, cunt, fuck(duh), shit, ass, bitch, basterd, bullshit, horse shit, fucknuts, fuckhead, damnwell, damn, frigin', stupid, holyshit, holycrap, crap, assfucker.


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